My name is Ian Glass, I played sports growing up but performance art is where my heart is. Along the way I met a particularly talented Physiotherapist who did a combination of work including energetic osteopathic treatment and neuromuscular therapy. I took a few courses before I decided to take the leap and graduated from VCMT Vancouver College of Massage Therapy (Formally Utopia Academy) in Spring 2013

I have very much enjoyed the training through the Barral Institute – Visceral Manipulation/ Organ specific Fascial Mobilization as well as through the Upledger Institute – Cranial Sacral Therapy and Somato-Emotional Release. One of my favourite books is through the Upledger Curriculum called CST – Cranial Sacral Therapy working Wonders; in short many stories of people’s healing experiences and how often a story with a punchline is the last bit of mechanics or nervous system to release before a trauma leaves the body. It would seem that within us we have not only blueprints and inner wisdom but a mechanic ready to spring to action who just needs hands in the right places and right timing to help the body to get where it needs to be.

Some healing takes a long time, other things can change spontaneously. Lets both bring energy to the table and see what can be accomplished.

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